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Ready to escape?

We’re a group of passionate game designers who think that grown-ups should make time to learn and play. So whether you’re looking for a fun activity with colleagues or planning a family gathering, our escape rooms will give you the ultimate, memorable experience.

If you're looking for a way to beat boredom, challenge your mind, and spend quality time with loved ones, an escape room might be just what you need! This exciting game originated from computer games in Japan in 2007 and quickly became a global sensation, including in our region. At "Belgrade Escape Rooms," you can choose between two themes - Witch Hunt and Aladdin's Magic Lamp.


The game has rules that require you to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles within a limited time frame, usually 60 minutes. It's a team game that encourages us to step out of our rooms and away from our computers, and have fun while challenging ourselves. For those who are competitive, there is an added incentive to escape the room before the 60-minute mark.


Escape rooms are not just a test of logical thinking, but also an opportunity to showcase our skills in a team environment. Everyone has a role to play, and contributes to solving puzzles in their own way. Sometimes, unexpected obstacles require quick reactions and good coordination with other team members. These 60 minutes can fly by as we laugh, think on our feet, and push the boundaries of our creativity. The escape room experience is like an adventure that takes us through unpredictable paths of imagination and excitement.


In summary, the escape room is the perfect place to have fun, challenge yourself intellectually, and build team spirit. It's an unforgettable experience that we highly recommend to anyone seeking something new and thrilling.


Something for Everyone

old shoes and pilow


Embrace the challange!

Witch hunt has never been more exciting! Test your nerves with your team on this road full of mysteries and puzzles, with one ultimate goal – kill the witch! The game is created for 2-5 persons and lasts 60 minutes.


Can you escape?

Experience the unforgettable magic orient! In this exciting game you and your team are magic lamp hunters! Your goal is to find the lamp within 60 minutes and set the genie free. He is the only one that knows the way out. Follow the leads, solve the puzzles and set yourself free before it is too late.... The game is created for 2-4 persons.

padlock on a chain locking the door


Great experience from the very beginning of the challenge! Great atmosphere, ambient music, tasks are demanding enough, yet solvable! Kudos to the professional approach and organization! 


The children are delighted! Unforgettable adventures! The question was how to entertain 9-year-olds? Too old for playrooms, too small for cafes. The escape room was a hit! 


It was phenomenal, better and harder than we expected! My daughter and I enjoyed it! :)


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